Qualitative Market Research

M3 Global Research provides qualitative research support for companies looking for professional, accurate and meaningful feedback. M3 recruits from our ISO 20252 certified panel in the U.S. and E.U. and has over 1 million Allied Healthcare Professionals and executives, with access to over 2 million HCPs worldwide.

Our facilities and capabilities allow us to conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads, triads, web-assisted telephone interviews, workshops, online bulletin boards, mobile research, and ethnographies.

Our multilingual analysts and researchers analyze all research materials jointly so that every aspect of research is captured and accurately represented in the final debrief.

  • Methodologies
    • In-person Groups
    • In-person IDIs
    • Telephone Depth Interviews
    • Duos/Dyads and Triads
    • Ethnographies
    • Online Chats (real-time)
    • Online Discussion Boards (asynchronous)
    • Video Chat
    • Video IDIs
    • Web-assisted TDIs
    • Mobile Discussion Boards
  • Support Services
    • Project Conceptualization
    • Methodology & Technology Selection
    • Screener & Dynamic Scheduler Programming
    • Screener, Discussion Guide and Survey Development
    • Moderator Selection & Management
    • Facilities Selection & Management
    • Fieldwork & Project Management
    • Translation, Transcription & Data Deliverables