Market Research

M3 Global Research maintains clinical relationships with over 2 million Physicians and over 1 million healthcare experts ready for quantitative and qualitative research, providing our clients access to the largest healthcare community in the world. We tailor quantitative and qualitative solutions to your methodology to meet your needs to conduct high impact, high quality insights gathering. With 15 years’ experience building and managing our worldwide panels, along with ISO 20252 certification and compliance, you can rest assured your projects are in the best of hands.

M3 Credentials

  • Reach

    M3 has executed quantitative and qualitative projects in over 70 countries using our healthcare communities, which comprise the largest worldwide healthcare panel.

  • Flexibility

    We use multifaceted recruitment methods to increase feasibility including online, direct mail, fax, and phone as needed.

  • Expertise

    Exceptional local project management teams experienced in quickly meeting and exceeding your expectations. We deliver high quality ISO 20252 certified research standards which meet or exceed pharmaceutical and government compliance guidelines and requirements.

  • Dedication

    Our account managers accurately assess project feasibility and provide helpful guidance when quoting hard-to-reach targets tapping into our on-staff physicians to help provide medical guidance.

Case Studies

Oncology Case Study

Learn how M3 US and EU leveraged our ISO certified panels to field a large quantitative study in both indolent NHL and aggressive NHL among qualified Oncologists/Hematologist-Oncologists, in various countries.

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