Integrated Solutions

M3 offers a variety of proven ways to engage physicians and get important clinical and marketing messages to valued, targeted audiences. Our live programs are delivered by clinical educators who are credentialed healthcare professionals.  They provide strategic solutions to address the gaps that occur in clinical practice in the management of chronic diseases while also improving access for sales representatives.

Those solutions include disease state knowledge, appropriate patient diagnosis, adherence, best practices, treatment to guidelines and REMS programs.  Our digital health information services include: the most up-to-date daily, indexed clinical information/news; medical education; market research; ethical drug promotion; clinical development; job recruitment and clinic appointment services.


#1 Physician Specialty Site

MDLinx, #1 Physician Specialty Site with Most Return Visits
  • Physicians seeking the most up-to-date clinical information are engaged through the curation and categorization of leading content from peer-reviewed medical journals and conferences
  • Clinical Medical Mindset of Physicians Reviewing MDLinx support scientific and medical marketing credibility and credible message receptivity
  • High engagement HCP services/channels drive multiple visits every week/month
Reaching over 660,000 AMA verified Physicians…and growing
  • Free services to HCPs drives adoption and physician reach
  • Ease of engagement promotes greater and more frequent HCP utilization
  • Over 2 million physicians reached globally targeted by specialty, region, country, and language

Case Studies

We have the awards and the case studies to prove it. Talk to us about how we can leverage our unparalleled credibility as a trusted source for clinical information with our engaging communication channels in order to broadcast your promotional benefits to your targeted audience so that your message is loud and clear.

M3 Valeant Migranal Case Study

Discover how M3 overcame multiple, challenging barriers to sales for Valeant’s Migranal.

Download Case Study

M3 Multi Kinase Inhibitor Case Study

Discover how M3’s campaign identified knowledge gaps which confirmed brand team beliefs, as well as discovered unidentified knowledge gaps.

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M3 Nitrous Oxide Systems Case Study

Discover how M3 engaged HCPs with brand assets.

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