Attracting Physicians

Providing a trusted resource for the most up-to-date clinical information is how we began over 15 years ago and it is still the cornerstone of our success. We deliver that content through live, digital and print channels to ensure that providers can access that content the way that they prefer.  Our live programs are delivered by clinical educators who work with providers and staff to drive clinical practice behavior change resulting in improved patient outcomes and better utilization of healthcare spend.

M3’s digital channel  is MDLinx which is a proven, trusted source of clinical information for over 660,000 physicians in the U.S. and for millions of healthcare professionals around the world. Our SmartestDoc Daily Quiz is a powerful way for HCPs to stay current on the latest clinical information in as little as five minutes a day. We have a world class editorial staff whose sincere goal is to aggregate, collate, and present the latest specialty appropriate data to physicians, providing valuable information that will ultimately result in their ability to always do the very best for their patients. Our Board Exam Prep allows physicians to prepare for their board exams using content that is specialty-specific. HCPs can also use our Physician Review to see what clinical areas they are proficient and what areas they are weak, and review questions and content to work on them. That’s why we have the most return visits by specialists than any other physician site and that’s why your digital promotional messages will reach and resonate with your targeted HCP audience.

Our print campaigns leverage the live and digital content to ensure that your messages reach all of your targets.