Super Weekend for Physicians Looking for New Positions?

January 31, 2014, Largest Healthcare Professional Site with a Career Center, Polls Physicians on their Big Game Weekend Plans for Career Moves

(Washington, DC, January 31st, 2014) Come Sunday, there will be plenty of moves on the football field, but MDLinx (, a part of M3 Group, a leading provider of online marketing solutions to the healthcare industry, is more interested in seeing what moves healthcare professionals are looking to make.

“Physicians visit to stay current on the latest, most important medical news and information, and to explore new career opportunities at our career center,,” comments Matt Baker, MDLinx Director of Physician Recruitment Advertising. “We reach nearly 600,000 physicians in the US alone, and we noticed a trend toward a high volume of traffic to our career site around the holidays, as well as national events, when busy healthcare professionals may have some free time. We thought it would be interesting to get a snapshot of those who plan to explore new career options during the big game weekend. So we did the research.”

A snap poll of 1061 health care professionals was taken over the last 72 hours by the ISO certified Research Panel of M3 Global Research (, also a part of M3 Group. The study revealed that 15% of healthcare professionals surveyed said they would look for jobs in their specialty or region over the big game weekend.
“These numbers are not surprising to hear,” says Jennifer Metivier, M.S., FASPR, Executive Director, Association for Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR). “The ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report identified a trend of increasing physician turnover rates over the last few years, which may correlate to the improving housing market and economy. Physicians are more likely to be in a position to seek new opportunities given these economic indicators.”

“Job satisfaction is often a topic of discussion when family and friends get together, like they will this Sunday,” remarks Matt Baker. “This confirmed our thinking that even during the weekend festivities, many physicians may indeed look to score that new big career opportunity.”

The award winning MDLinx website makes it possible for busy physicians and healthcare professionals to stay current on the latest and most important medical news and information. MDLinx sorts, ranks, and summarizes medical journal articles and news for easy and accessible viewing. It also features the largest career center on a healthcare professional site. Recently MDLinx was named Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand of the year by the trade publication Medical, Marketing and Media (M.M&M.).

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