So-net M3 Acquires The Smartest Oncologist in America

August 12, 2009

So-net M3, owner of MDlinx and a leading eMarketing company in oncology and other medical specialties, acquires The SmartestDoc LLC, which operates the popular daily oncology quiz service, The Smartest Oncologist in America.

This acquisition further solidifies So-net M3’s leadership position in oncology eMarketing. So-net M3 previously acquired MDLinx in 2006, and developed its oncology portal, MDLinx Oncology, into a leading destination for US oncologists. The combined memberships of SmartestDoc and MDLinx Oncology constitute more than 7,000 US oncologists.

The SmartestDoc LLC was founded by Dr. Stan Winokur in 2007. Its unique daily quiz offering, The Smartest Oncologist in America (, rapidly became a tremendously popular quiz contest among US oncologists. Its growth was driven almost completely through oncologists inviting their peers to participate.

“The Smartest Oncologist in America has shown a tremendous potential in a short timeframe. By joining forces with So-net M3, this simple, fun, informative quiz service can very rapidly become a trusted brand among oncologists,” says Dr. Stan Winokur, who will remain involved with the service after the acquisition.

“Our vision is to make staying current with the best clinical knowledge simple, fast, available, and enjoyable to all US physicians. The Smartest Oncologist in America quiz nicely complements MDLinx in helping fill the knowledge gap for busy practicing oncologists. The addition of The Smartest Oncologist in America clearly strengthens our ability to reach oncologists in innovative and useful ways,” says Stephen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of So- net M3.

About The Smartest Oncologist in America
The Smartest Oncologist in America is a daily quiz service offering questions, answers, and references on cutting edge clinical oncology issues. Each month’s winner is “the Smartest Oncologist in America.”

About MDLinx Oncology
MDLinx Oncology is the only place for the busy practicing oncologist to spend “5 minutes a day to stay current.” It indexes more than 100 key peer reviewed oncology journals every day. Our editorial team sorts the articles into topics in oncology, ranks them based on impact on clinical practice, and writes snapshot summaries. MDLinx has a membership of more than 5,000 US oncologists.

About So-net M3
So-net M3 is a leading provider of online pharmaceutical promotion solutions. As a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2413:JP), So-net M3 operates in Japan, US, Germany and Korea.