MRA Verifies Quality of MDLinx Worldwide Panel

October 6, 2009

MDLinx, a division of M3 USA, has completed the MRA (Marketing Research Association) online panel verification process. The review means that MRA has verified all of the key components necessary to assure clients that MDLinx performs at the reported level and standards of quality. MDLinx was the first healthcare specialty panel verified.

The MRA Review Program is the solution to industry-wide online data quality concerns. The MRA Review Program was developed to provide transparency and quality assurance to buyers of online research and online sample. It accomplishes goals outlined in numerous industry calls to action. This verification program is the mechanism for serious panel owners to communicate their performance outcomes, metrics, and other critical features to buyers of research and industry stakeholders. MDLinx has been fully verified and is at the forefront of online panel quality.

There are two levels of the MRA program: self-assessment and MRA review. MDLinx, and their international organization, completed the MRA review to become “MRA Verified” which included an independent researcher confirming that the self-reported information is accurate. “Research has always been based on the idea of complete transparency. As a profession, we’ve gotten away from this slightly in order to protect trade secrets and proprietary techniques. The MRA Review Program is based on the philosophy that it’s possible to restore fundamental transparency to the research process without compromising competitive advantages,” stated Patrick Glaser, MRA’s Director of Research Standards.

MDLinx, the world’s largest online professional healthcare sample provider, is the third company to undergo both the self-assessment as well as the full MRA independent verification. Craig Overpeck, MDLinx’s Chief Technology Officer commented, “The MRA Verification process was long enough to comprehensively cover the basics of online panel quality and short enough to be a worthwhile investment for any serious provider of online sample. We place a strong emphasis on quality and sound practices, and we’re pleased that MRA, as an independent third-party, verified our worldwide panel quality.” MDLinx, which offers worldwide healthcare provider sample from the U.S., underwent the review in conjunction with its parent company in Japan and subsidiaries in Germany and South Korea.

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MRA Patrick Glaser (203.300.5563)
MDLinx Craig Overpeck (202.293.2288 x9101)

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MDLinx founded in 1999, is a division of M3 USA owned by So-net M3 (2413:JP). It is the largest specialty physician community in the USA and in conjunction with its parent company in Japan and its subsidiaries in Germany and South Korea it is the largest worldwide physician community. M3 USA offers the pharmaceutical industry targeted physician Messages™, newsletter sponsorship, content licensing, in addition to the MRA Verified quality healthcare professional panel for medical market research from MDLinx.