MDLinx Inc Announces Continued Emphasis on Quality Data Collection Through Partnership with Mktg, Inc.

November 18, 2008

EAST ISLIP, N.Y., Nov 18, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — MDLinx Inc, an online healthcare media company best known for its market-leading physician specialty panels in the US and Japan, has adopted Crop Duster(TM) de-duplication technology after an extensive review of market alternatives. Mktg, Inc.’s Crop Duster(TM) fingerprinting technology will serve as MDLinx’s flagship de-duplication software, enhancing the company’s industry-leading quality protocol with even higher levels of protection from repeat respondents and duplicate interviews.

MDLinx developed its large medical specialty panels through its unique offering of custom daily email newsletters that keep specialists current in the ongoing flood of new medical knowledge. The company began in 1999 by organizing just-released medical journal articles into newsletters for physicians, and has successfully expanded into all medical specialties. MDLinx comprises 24 of the largest US physician specialty portals and is owned by the largest medical professional portal in Japan. MDLinx targets physicians in 747 subspecialty areas and can reach more than 190,000 healthcare professionals through their Messages(TM) technology and daily newsletters. MDLinx is the leader in quality online healthcare panels in the US and Japan.

Crop Duster(TM) evaluates 93 separate components in the browser sand box of respondent computers. By combining these elements using a proprietary algorithm it produces a unique encrypted string that serves as a tag for respondent’s machines. Crop Duster’s encrypted code weights variables by a proprietary algorithm that acts like a sliding scale. In addition, Crop Duster(TM) has water marking capabilities that further enable it to identify returning computers. The data string can be modified to add geo-location, as well as numerous quality control measures. Crop Duster(TM) is a useful panel management tool that will grow beyond simple de-duplication of repeat respondents. “Sample quality has been a long standing issue in the online market research world and Crop Duster(TM) developed by a well respected independent third party addresses the client’s sample quality concerns”, says Craig A. Overpeck, Chief Technology officer of MDLinx. He adds that “the panel management tool is very flexible and is designed to change with time so as to meet our continued vigilance on online quality”.

About MDLinx — Fastest-growing supplier of respondents for verified specialty physician market research. They have pioneered the use of their medical specialty panels by employing their patented feasibility calculator. Their reach into the specialty physician market in the US and Japan appears unequaled for online healthcare market research.

About Mktg — Mktg has a reputation for data collection that now spans three decades. The firm specializes in online and telephone data collection with a particular emphasis in understanding the sampling issues that challenge market research professionals. Their online tool, Crop Duster(TM), is their latest contribution to eliminating duplicate respondents using fingerprinting technology. Throughout the growth of the online universe they have maintained their independence performing research on research that achieves a previously unattained level of transparency in the data collection process.

SOURCE: Mktg, Inc.

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