M3 USA Acquires Doctors.net.uk, Largest Physician Network in the United Kingdom

August 23, 2011

Washington, DC, August 23, 2011 – M3 USA today announced the acquisition of Doctors.net.uk, the largest physician network in the United Kingdom. Doctors.net.uk has more than 184,000 members and is the most popular professional resource for physicians in the UK while providing digital promotion and market research services to the life science industry. The acquisition follows on the heels of M3’s November 2010 purchase of London-based EMS Research, further strengthening M3’s reach into the European Union in terms of physician access, pharmaceutical product promotion, and market research, according to M3 USA Chief Executive Officer Aki Tomaru.

The addition of Doctors.net.uk is a powerful expansion of our commitment to providing the pharmaceutical industry full global access,” said Tomaru. “Concurrent with our investment in the growth of MDLinx.com to service the US pharmaceutical market, this acquisition allows us to dramatically extend our services to physicians and pharmaceutical companies into the UK. The demand for pharmaceutical digital marketing services in the UK market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years and this acquisition will place M3 at the leading position to benefit from the growth.  This acquisition will also be a nice stepping stone for M3 to expand into the countries in the European Union,” continued Tomaru. “While the majority of promotional services are still executed at the national level, on the research front, pharmaceutical and investment companies need global access to physicians. The recent acquisitions we have made, including EMS Research last fall, bring not only geographic benefits, but powerful new innovative products, services and expertise which we can implement across our global network.”

Richard Adams, the Chief Executive Officer of Doctors.net.uk said “Becoming a part of the M3 Group provides Doctors.net.uk with tremendous resources to further develop what we’ve created here. We will be integrating some of the M3 solutions that are successful in the US and Japan. We also believe that we will be able to contribute to the development of rest of the M3 Group, as some of the solutions we’ve built in the UK can be transferable to them.”

Tomaru said that Doctors.net.uk’s impeccable reputation was a large part of M3’s decision to acquire the rapidly growing network, launched by a group of doctors in 1998. “The vast majority of United Kingdom physicians are members of Doctors.net.uk, and the trust they have earned is remarkable, to the point where the Doctors.net.uk email domain is the primary email address for many UK physicians”.

About M3 USA
M3 USA is part of M3 Inc, a publicly traded company in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.*

M3 USA, named to represent Medicine, Media, and Metamorphosis, was founded with the goal of changing the world of medicine through full use of the power of the Internet. M3 provides the life science industry with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and research solutions. Through these means, we help healthcare professionals provide the best care by enabling them to stay current on the ever-evolving practice of medicine. In 2006 we started our service in the US through the acquisition of MDLinx, now the nation’s leading specialty physician portal and provider of online marketing solutions to the life sciences industry.

About Doctors.net.uk
Doctors.net.uk has a membership of over 184,000 doctors, with 97 per cent saying that the network is their most trusted source of information.  It is the online resource most frequently used by them and provides forums for discussion, education and extensive editorial content, including conference highlights to support them in making the best decisions for the care of their patients.

The network was created for doctors, by doctors in 1998. More than 300 doctors now act as advisers and clinical information contributors. Credibility and integrity of all published materials is assured thanks to an experienced editorial team and a code of absolute transparency for all information published.

Greg Jones for M3 USA

Andrew Baud for Doctors.net.uk
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