M3 Global Research Announces Medical Conference Recruitment

February 4, 2015

New Services Allows In-The-Moment Research

(Fort Washington, PA, February 4th, 2015) M3 Global Research (research.m3.com), a part of the M3 Group, and a market leader with the first ISO-certified Healthcare Professional Research Panel in the US and Europe, today announced Medical Conference Recruitment (MCR), a new service that provides market research to physicians who are attending specific medical conferences.

M3 profiled physicians from our ISO 26362-certified panel to learn who will attend any of the 58 medical conferences that M3 is attending in 2015. The conferences cover more than 23 medical specialties, across seven countries and in more than 15 US states. From the physicians attending, we noted those interested in participating in market research, while attending the conference(s). Through this service, M3 can measure the effectiveness of booths, manufacturer images, conference content and messages on behalf of our clients.

The types of market research participants are interested in include:

o Mobile research (using our proprietary M3 Market Research app)

o Traditional online research

o Qualitative BB research

o Qualitative research (in-person at the conference or post-conference TDIs)

“M3 is excited to offer additional services for our clients,” comments Roni DasGupta, President of Market Research, Americas. “These new services enable us to work with physicians while they are engaged and focused — away from the office. These services will provide a cost-effective methodology for qualitative sampling for our clients.”

For information about this new medical conference research offering contact Amber Esco, VP M3 Global Research, at aesco@usa.m3.com.


About M3 Group

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