M3 Awards $500K in Pro-bono Advertising on MDLinx.com in Support of the Children’s Heart Foundation

February 22, 2016

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (February 22, 2016) — The MDLinx Primary Care Charity Challenge was a creative contest open to pharmaceutical companies and marketing agencies representing pharmaceutical companies. The winning selection was based on the creative content of an education campaign, laser-focused on the mission of the chosen charity. The winner, the healthcare arm of marketing firm Sandbox, is a full-service agency with more than 30 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare advertising experience. According to Geoff Melick of Sandbox “We were thrilled to win. Sandbox has always supported a variety of causes and charities, but this one is special. We appreciate MDLinx and what they’re providing to us on their physician portal.”

MDLinx reaches more than 2.5 million physicians through its global health care professional networks and nearly 600,000 Healthcare providers in the Unites States alone. MDLinx is the ideal vehicle for Sandbox and The CHF to promote the importance and cost effectiveness of at-birth testing for congenital heart defects (CHD) in newborns.

As the organizer of the contest, MDLinx is contributing $500,000 worth of its advertising space to encourage its physician members to visit a website about CHD and see a video featuring key opinion leaders Dr. Daniel J. Penny, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology and Dr. Silvana M. Molossi, Medical Director, Community and Program Development, both from Texas Children’s Hospital, who explain the importance of this simple test, and how it may prevent a tragedy later. M3’s CEO of the US subsidiary, Aki Tomaru, is a proud sponsor of this initiative. He states, “Initiatives like this one give us and our partners in healthcare communications the opportunity to do more of why we are in this industry to begin with; promote better health and improve patients’ lives. As a father of three children, I understand the importance of the CHF initiative, and we are proud to be a part of this important outreach.”

Having been touched by loss related to childhood heart defects, and with strong ties to the Foundation, Sandbox’s selection of the CHF as their charity was an easy choice. Geoff Melick of Sandbox explains, “Selecting the Children’s Heart Foundation was a no-brainer. This whole experience has been satisfying and simultaneously quite humbling. As we went through the creative process for the online campaign, we began to truly grasp the importance of what we were trying to accomplish – raising awareness for Pulse Oximetry Screening for newborns. When you learn more about early-on screening for heart defects, you begin to understand the difference that days and even hours can make — and the lifetime health consequences that detection, or failure to detect, has on the babies and their families.”

Pulse Oximetry Screening is a simple blood oxygen test conducted within 24 hours of birth – and can detect at least 50% of congenital heart defects in newborns. The test costs only $5 and takes mere minutes.

Megan Van Pelt of the CHF says, “We at the Children’s Heart Foundation are so grateful to Sandbox and to MDLinx for this generous program. I hope that every one of the tens of thousands of MDLinx subscriber physicians take a few moments to consider the importance and impact of Pulse Oximetry Screening. It will take no time at all to learn more about reducing infant and adolescent deaths due to CHD using this simple test. I urge all the MDLinx healthcare providers to see the research for themselves.”

To learn more about The Children’s Heart Foundation and CHD, visit: http://www.childrensheartfoundation.org/

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